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Our First Blog Post on Our New Website!

Posted by Stefanie in News

Well look who got a makeover! recently had a major facelift and after several late-nights (and plenty of coffee) we're excited to unveil our beautiful new website. Our team has been working tirelessly to create this gorgeous, functional website that's not only easy on the eyes...


#FollowtheFrog Gift Basket Giveaway: Winners Announced!

Posted by Stefanie in News, Promotions

What an amazing #FollowtheFrog week! Thanks to everyone who tweeted, retweeted, shared, and liked the amazing and informative content provided by Rainforest Alliance and their participating partners. Together we successfully increased awareness about the importance of sustainability and buying...


Rainforest Alliance Follow the Frog 2014 – Win a Zavida Coffee Gift Basket!

Posted by Stefanie in News, Promotions

For the fourth year in a row, Zavida is proud to participate in the Rainforest Alliance’s annual #FollowtheFrog Week. From September 15th through the 22nd, we’ll be spreading the word about sustainability and the importance of being environmentally and socially responsible.To celebrate, we’re...


Organica Coffee – New Packaging Design, Same Great Taste

Posted by Danny in News, Organic

When updating our new Zavida Coffee logo, our packaging design had to be looked at as well. Organica was a little more complex than some of the others, as the design elements are truly unique, and meaning so much to all of us here at Zavida, the question was asked "How do we show the quality of the...


Seeded Coffee Dinner Roll Recipe

Posted by Stefanie in Recipes

Homemade coffee dinner rolls add a special touch to an elegant dinner. Fresh out of the oven, the warm scent of coffee and fresh baked goodness will turn your house into a home and your dinner into a feast!These are relatively easy to prepare, with a little bit of love and time, you will...


Free Coffee For A Year Contest! And The Winner Is…

Posted by Stefanie in Promotions

Once again, we are overjoyed with excitement and anticipation to finally announce the winners of the Zavida Coffee & Whole Mom Free Coffee for a Year Contest!The response has proven yet again that we have the absolute best coffee-loving fans on the planet! All of your comments, questions, and...


Coffee Evolution: New Zavida Coffee Logo Has Launched

Posted by Stefanie in News

As a 30+ year old gourmet coffee roaster, our aesthetic look and branding has changed several times since the early 1980s. We previously laid out the different logos we've had in our blog The Zavida Coffee Logo: History and Evolution. If you haven't noticed, we have just...


11 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Remember

Posted by Stefanie in Holidays

Mother's Day is one of those holidays that can creep up silently behind another one, sometimes catching us off-guard causing spontaneous panic and gift purchasing.  Just when you thought Easter was over and you could relax, Mother's Day shows up and...


Zavida + Whole Mom = Free Coffee For A Year!

Posted by Danny in Promotions

From the first contest we ever organized with our fabulous friends the results were amazing! And while most coffee companies would give away one bag of coffee, maybe two, we're firm believers in the "go big or go home" mindset. Some say we're loco, but we prefer to call it...


Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee Torte Recipe

Posted by Stefanie in Recipes

Let's face it – when people talk about Zavida Coffee Company, the words hazelnut and vanilla are usually involved. 30 years ago we set out to create the ultimate coffee flavor, and when Hazelnut Vanilla emerged, we had no idea that it would remain our most popular flavor 30 years later.This...