Coffee: For Every Diet & Lifestyle

Posted by Miranda on 2020 Aug 5th

Coffee: For Every Diet & Lifestyle

One commonly asked question about flavored coffees is whether or not they are compliant with certain lifestyles and diets. We’re here to help clarify that question for you!

Whether you’re keto, paleo, vegan, whole 30, or gluten-free, there are flavored coffee options for everyone!

Here’s what you should look for when choosing a coffee flavoring, depending on your diet.

Keto Coffee

If you’re following a keto diet, you’re looking for high fat and low sugar. This makes black coffee with unsweetened cream a perfect choice but makes finding sweeter flavored coffees more difficult. However, there are a few flavors that are in line with the keto lifestyle!

When looking for flavorings, look for sugarless syrups or coffee blends. Salted caramel or dark chocolate is often the perfect flavorings for keto followers. Aim to enjoy these in moderation, however.

Excited to try a keto-approved coffee? We recommend our  Bavarian Chocolate Coffee or Salted Caramel Flavor Shots.

Paleo Coffee

So many sweeteners and coffee flavors are made out of gluten-containing alcohol-based, making it difficult to find a flavored coffee that works for the paleo lifestyle. However, many natural, paleo-friendly sweeteners and flavorings exist!

Flavors like vanilla, cacao, cinnamon, and nutmeg are all compliant with the diet, as well as natural sweeteners like maple syrup, raw honey, raw coconut sugar, and date sugar.

Want to keep making flavored coffee simple in the morning? We recommend our  Canadian Maple Coffee or French Vanilla Coffee.

Gluten-Free Coffee

Finding flavored coffee while on a gluten-free diet can be daunting at times. Many flavorings are made with an alcohol base, which may also contain gluten. Also, some coffee grounds could be subject to gluten contamination if packaged in factories with other products containing gluten.

The solution?

Whole bean coffee with naturally sourced flavoring.

We recommend trying out our  Wholesale Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee and Wholesale Canadian Maple Coffee.

Vegan Coffee

Enjoying flavored coffee can be difficult when following a vegan diet since many coffee flavorings and creamers contain animal byproducts. However, we believe that there is a flavored coffee for everyone!

The goal is to look for plant-based natural flavorings in your flavored syrups and coffee ground

Many of Zavida’s coffee blends fit this criterion! We recommend trying out our  Coconut Delight Coffee or Amaretto Almond Coffee.

Whole 30 Coffee

It can be difficult to avoid sugars and grains when trying to find flavored coffees on the Whole 30 lifestyle, but there are still plenty of options to choose from! All-natural flavors like vanilla bean powder, pumpkin spice, raw cacao, cinnamon, and nutmeg are all compliant with the Whole 30 diet.

It’s recommended that Whole 30 followers switch to whole bean coffee to ensure that the coffee remains compliant with the diet and doesn’t lose any of its natural benefits.

We recommend trying our  Pumpkin Spice Coffee or our Apple Pie Coffee!

There’s a coffee blend for everyone at Zavida! From vegan options to paleo options we want to fit into every lifestyle.

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