Coffee 101: Different Types of Coffee

Posted by Denisha on 2019 Feb 25th

Coffee 101: Different Types of Coffee

One thing we can agree on is that we LOVE coffee. The degree to which coffee beans are roasted has a huge impact on flavor. Before roasting, coffee beans have a grassy smell to them with little to no taste. The roasting process turns raw beans into the magical coffee that we know and love.

Medium Roast

With more body than a light roast, medium roasted coffee has no oil on the bean surface and is medium brown in color. A more balanced acidity, aroma and flavor are found with medium roast coffee beans and caffeine is slightly less than in a darker roast. Charles’ Private Stock Gourmet Coffee is the perfect blend of richness and smooth body that is ideal in a medium roast. Choice beans are selected from 3 continents to brew this delicious blend.

Medium-Dark Roast

Richer and darker in color than a medium roast, medium-dark roasts have a small amount of oil on the beans. In comparison to medium light and medium roasts, medium-dark roasts are bolder in flavor. These beans are typically roasted at 225 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're a lover of espresso, try Organica Rainforest Alliance Espresso. Smooth and robust, this blend is 100% organic and delicious.

Dark Roast

Very dark in color ranging from very dark brown to black, dark roast coffees have the strongest coffee flavor. Dark roasts have a sheen of oil on the beans that typically transfer to the cup of coffee after brewing. The coffee once brewed will have a smokey flavor that may be slightly bitter. These coffee beans are roasted at around 240 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're a fan of French vanilla flavor, you will love Zavida's French Vanilla Dark Roast. The richness of the dark roast blended with the creaminess of the French vanilla offers a unique flavor.

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