Enjoy Summer with Cold Brew Tea

Enjoy Summer with Cold Brew Tea

Traditional iced tea requires too much work for the hot, steamy days of summer. Between boiling the water and extracting ice cubes from those notoriously-difficult-to-use ice cube trays, you might be about ready to kick back on the hammock and call it a day before very long!

But don't despair.

We have another option. Cold brew tea, straight from the refrigerator. Requiring minimal work on your part, this tea cools you down with less caffeine and acid than traditionally-brewed teas. You'll need only a few basic supplies: a glass pitcher (with an internal or external infuser), loose-leaf tea from Zavida, and filtered or bottled water (for best taste).

Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to an incredibly refreshing, healthy cup of cold brew tea.

  1. Pour the loose-leaf tea into your built-in infuser. If you only have an external infuser, you can cover the bottom of your pitcher with the loose-leaf tea, and strain the tea once it has brewed. If you use this method, you'll receive the stunning visual benefits of watching tiny pieces of tea swirl around water. Almost like a lava lamp for your refrigerator.
  2. Pour your water in the pitcher. We really recommend that you use a glass pitcher, as plastic tends to flavor your cold brew with an undesirable aftertaste. Plus, glass is prettier. Just don't drop it on the floor, please.
  3. Leave your tea in the fridge to brew to the desired level of strength. A few hours for weak (light tan-colored) brew, or perhaps a few days for an incredibly robust, mahogany brown brew. You can play around with brewing times and vary by your mood.
  4. Pour and enjoy.

Our loose-leaf teas are of high quality and specifically procured by Zavida, so you might not even require an additional sweetener. But if so inclined, you might want to accent your smooth cold brew with some honey or agave, or perhaps even some stevia. A slice of lemon will add a citrus flair. Or you might feel adventurous and add one of our MiniSyrup flavors, such as a Peach or even Green Apple MiniSyrup.

Make it your own, sit back and take a drink. Then visit our website to find other Zavida products to enjoy.