Five Essentials for Your Cottage This Season

Five Essentials for Your Cottage This Season

Cottage season is here, and as you prepare for escaping the city, this is the perfect time to start thinking about how to make your summer cottage picture-perfect for you and the family. So, before you load up the car, and unwind on the deck, here are five things to bring along to make your cottage cozy.

1. Fairy lights.
Nothing is more peaceful than the less-is-more approach when it comes to illuminating your cottage. Many cottage locations are “dark sky friendly” areas that require little lighting. A good alternative to the exterior light fixtures is decorating the task areas with a few of your holiday lights. It will transform your cottage into a delicate fairy house while not disturbing the wildlife or your surrounding neighbors.

2. Moisturizers.
The secret about packing is that moisturizers always seem to be the last on the list and the item that’s always forgotten. Our hands, feet, and faces have finally recovered from the dry, winter breeze and it's time to feel the love of some softening lotions! There are tons of travel size lotions (that are water-proof) with captivating aromas, that will leave you completely blissful during your stay, and don’t forget SPF is your best friend when you’re spending a lot of time outdoors!

3. Candles and/or essential oil diffuser.
Although we love being in the great outdoors, sometimes the potency that trickles into the cottage is too outdoorsy. For days where the damp summer days aren’t quite your favorite smell, it’s always convenient to have soothing smells surround you by filling the air with your favorite scents. Nothing is more relaxing on those days you just want to stay in! Candles are also great to have on hand in case the lights go out.

4. Indoor pots and planters.
Bring nature into your cottage – with creative planters! They could be trendy urban pots and planters made for small size living and require little maintenance. Adding a bit of greenery into the living space will provide beautiful decor for your perfect summer cottage.

5. Coffee, coffee, coffee.
No summer home is complete without a little something to delight your taste buds. Coffee is always a great idea. You need coffee to wake you up before your early morning walks in the woods. You need coffee to sip on while you watch the sunset with your loved ones in the evenings. And you definitely need coffee to keep you going for everything in between!

Have a happy summer!