Four Ways to Make Memories This Mother's Day

Four Ways to Make Memories This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the uniqueness of mom.

It makes sense then, that her special day should be unique, too. We think it's important to give the gift of memories to our mothers; while flowers, candy, and kitchen appliances are appreciated, they eventually lose steam. Memories, however, last a lifetime.

We suggest starting her day with a good, healthy breakfast. Why not treat mom with a fresh cup of brewed coffee? You can even surprise her with exciting flavor shots for a little something special. This will set the stage for a perfect day of memories.

Here are some ways to build fantastic memories - the most timeless and precious gift you can give.

Take a Walk
Take your mother out for a stroll. The CDC reports that walking is a natural way to improve health, yet most of us don't walk enough. But for Mother's Day, it's not just about the exercise; it's also about exploration. Taking the time to really enjoy the surroundings and take in the scenery. Spending quality one-on-one time is something moms seldom get so it will definitely be something your mom will cherish.

Teach Her Something New
Technology is changing each and every day and it's hard for busy moms to keep up. Help your mom stay up to date with the latest technology by gifting her a new and useful app for her smart phone. If your mom is the family chef, how about a cooking app so you can try some new recipes together? If she's the active type, maybe a work-out app would help her make time for exercise. Besides being a practical gift, this can also be an opportunity for you to share something together.

Plant Some Trees
We admit to being partial to trees (we've planted over 430,000 trees through our partnership with Trees for the Future!), but imagine the symbolism of planting a tree (or even a garden) with mom that will grow for years to come. Each morning when she wakes up, she'll see the trees you've planted together continue to grow and blossom. Truly the gift that keeps on giving! 

Have a Picnic
What better way to make memories than by having a picnic? Grab a blanket and head to your local park for a relaxing afternoon. Make it extra special by making your mom's favorite snacks. 

No matter what you choose to give your mom for Mother's Day, you can be sure she will appreciate the time you spend with her. Make sure you keep your camera handy so you can capture every smile.