Fresh Ideas for Mother’s Day

Fresh Ideas for Mother’s Day

At some point, mothers have seen it all: well-loved handmade gifts, cards, special items remade and preserved. If you’ve run out of ideas this Mother’s Day, we have some great ideas to delight Mum and help you offer something special.


Image by Dim Hou

Pets are our constant companions. They relieve our stress, keep us company, and somehow always seem to know what we need. Yes, even cats with their reputation for aloof behaviour seem to turn up when we need a good cuddle. If your Mom is an animal lover, consider giving her a gift of a personalized pet portrait from an independent artist on Etsy. You send the artist a portrait of the family pet, and it is turned into a gorgeous painting that can be hung anywhere in your home.


Image by Myriams-Fotos

Being a mom is a busy job, and lots of moms get themselves up and moving with a morning cup of coffee. With a wide selection of high-quality coffee, all coffee lovers, from the purists at heart to those who love to add something fun to their morning brew, have a variety of options to choose from. Not everyone likes the flavour of straight coffee but flavoured creamers and traditional flavour shots are full of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. If Mom prefers flavoured coffee (or tea, hot chocolate, or more), the MiniSyrup flavours from Zavida can brighten up that morning or afternoon cup without unnecessary additives.


Image by Trees For The Future

If you have truly exhausted your ideas on what gifts to give your mom, you might consider making a charitable gift in her name. Many organizations will even send a thank you to the person you designate. But moms might particularly enjoy a gift through a charity like Trees for the Future. Zavida has partnered with this charity to help replant trees in rural areas and offset our own carbon emissions. You can assure the mom in your life that her gift from Zavida is environmentally beneficial. You can also donate directly to the charity, offering even more assistance to reverse deforestation, improve the environment, and support rural communities.

There are many ways to show your mom you love her this Mother’s Day. A phone call, a visit, and a meal are all good starts, but offering a unique gift helps make the holiday extra special. Create special memories with Mom this Mother's Day.