How to Use MiniSyrup in your coffee drinks

How to Use MiniSyrup in your coffee drinks

Have you ever wanted to add a burst of flavor to your coffee drink, but weren't sure how? How about wanting to add a sweet kick without all the sugar found in other syrups?

If this sounds like you, Zavida has you covered.

You'll love our wide range of MiniSyrup products, as well as how versatile they are for use in your coffee drinks.

What makes MiniSyrup different?

At Zavida, we wanted to create a flavored syrup that didn't scare customers away with its high sugar content. Coffee can taste decadent without being unhealthy and we wanted to prove just that.

So what is it that sets our MiniSyrup apart from the rest?

Every one of our MiniSyrup flavor shots has zero sugar, zero artificial/natural sweeteners, zero calories, zero gluten, and zero allergens.

If you're looking for a flavor shot you can feel good about, this is it!

Not to mention, one bottle of MiniSyrup will flavor nearly 300 16 ounce cups of coffee. When you buy, you can rest assured that your purchasing is done for your next 300 cups! (Unless you always need a new flavor, like us.)

How to use MiniSyrup in your favorite drinks

So how can you use MiniSyrups to spice up your favorite drinks? All you need is a bit of creativity to determine what drinks would taste amazing with a MiniSyrup flavor shot. And we'll give you a hint, most coffee drinks taste amazing with our flavors!

Iced coffee

Try adding a shot or two of your favorite flavor to coffee that you've poured over ice! Mix thoroughly, and if you want an extra rich experience, try adding milk or cream!

Hot coffee

Our MiniSyrups work perfectly in iced or hot coffee, whether it's regular or decaf. Just stir it into your favorite cup of Zavida Joe, and you'll love the flavor profiles that you experience.

Espresso drinks

Want to kick up your espresso beverage? Try adding a MiniSyrup flavor shot! You won't be disappointed with the decadent result! You'll especially love adding a flavor shot along with steamed milk to any shot of espresso. You'll end up with a beautiful, flavorful beverage that is perfect for the mornings that are off to a slow start.

Hot chocolate

Want to spice up your boring hot chocolate? You guessed it! MiniSyrups are a great option!

We offer it all!

We have tons of MiniSyrup flavors available, and we can't wait to hear how you've mixed them!