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Pamper Mom with Gourmet Coffee

Pamper Mom with Gourmet Coffee

Mother's Day is sneaking up on us again (Sunday, May 14), and though the flowers, cards, and chocolates have saved us in previous last-minute scrambles to find a suitable tribute to Mom, it's time to try a new approach: gourmet, 100% Arabica coffee beans, freshly roasted and delivered right to her door.

With more than 40 different coffee blends in either whole bean or custom ground form, it's hard to go wrong. Here are 5 of our favorite Mother's Day suggestions to give you a head start:

1. Espresso Roma Coffee. This dark, rich blend is sure to please even the most coffee-conscious of mothers. Described as bold, aromatic, and smooth, the phrase, "when in Rome" comes to mind - the 12-ounce selection will hardly be enough to last her. From breakfast to a mid-morning pick-me-up, Espresso Roma is great for busy mothers.

2. Chocolate Coconut Coffee. A deliciously unique coffee with a hint of summer, this light blend brings images of sunbathed afternoons to mind. Bring peace to Mom's busy world with a roast designed to sweep her off her feet and onto a white sandy beach. With the added hint of chocolate, she's sure to be in paradise after just one sip.

3. Organica Rainforest Alliance Coffee. Pair your mother with a coffee that matches her personality: subtle, caring, well-rounded, and clean. This organic blend is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified and is the perfect gift for your "eco-Mom", and contributes to a more sustainable planet for all.

4. Decaf Bavarian Chocolate Coffee. If Mom isn't big on caffeine, fear not; we have an array of exquisite decaffeinated selections. This delectable Bavarian chocolate coffee provides no shortage of flavor (without giving her the jitters), and is perfect for a late afternoon or dessert brew.

5. Organic Jasmine Gold Loose Leaf Tea. An alternative to the coffee scene, Zavida's gourmet selection of loose leaf teas are sure to please any mom. This delicate green tea is infused with fragrant jasmine flowers, creating an unforgettable tea experience she's sure to love.