Summer Trends with Tea

Summer Trends with Tea

When you think of the warm summer months, you might not think about a steaming cup of tea. However, there are plenty of teas that pair well with ice for a refreshing hot-weather beverage. With that in mind, here are some ideas to get you enjoying your favorite tea all summer long.

Fruit Tea

Fruit tea not only smells amazing, but it tastes great, too. You can enjoy it while watching summer sunsets, as an after-dinner drink, or you can create your own refreshing cold drink to help refresh you in the warm weather. All you need to do to make a refreshing ice fruit tea is to pick your favorite fruit tea, blend up some ice (or just use cubes) and add them together. If you’re feeling like something a bit sweeter, then add a little sugar to the recipe and maybe some fresh fruit, too. Make sure you put it all in a tall glass, with a straw and you’ll quickly be the envy of all your friends.

Green Tea

Green tea has several excellent health benefits from improved brain function to helping the body burn fat. So why not enjoy these benefits and relax in the sun at the same time? You could make yourself a green tea smoothie, perhaps. Grab whatever fruit you have in the house, pop the kettle on and brew the green tea as you would normally, leaving it to cool a little. Once you are happy with the strength of the tea, you can add it to the fruit with a little yogurt, some ice, and then blend. Here at Zavida, we have organic, natural loose leaf teas that you can blend directly into your smoothie. Either way, what you’ll have is a fruity, green tea smoothie. This refreshing drink not only helps you relax on hot days but is healthy, too.

Chai Tea

Chai tea is a traditional black tea with cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and maybe some black pepper. All of these spices give it a warm, spicy flavor that pairs well with the taste of black tea. That flavor also works great as a cold summer drink. All you need is your regular bag of chai tea, some milk, ice and a little sugar. You want to brew your tea strong as you are going to be adding a lot of milk (or you can buy chai tea concentrate as an alternative). Once you are happy with the strength, add the milk to fill a glass and pop in several ice cubes to cool it. You might also want to add a cinnamon stick or a little extra ground cinnamon to add an extra burst of flavor.

Make summertime teatime with a little ice, our fabulous teas, and your imagination. Discover your summer go-to tea today!