Your Ultimate Guide on Guatemalan Coffee

Posted by Cindy on 2020 Jul 6th

Your Ultimate Guide on Guatemalan Coffee

Coffee beans grown in Guatemala enjoy a consistent weather pattern, high humidity, heavy rainfall, and nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Put this all together and you get a lovely and well-balanced flavor that is becoming increasingly popular. So why should this top your list of single-origin brews? Our coffee guide will highlight the best of what this smooth and mellow beauty has to offer.

A Coffee Nation

Guatemala is the 10th largest coffee producer in the world because its climate and geography are perfect for growing. This Central American nation’s economy relies heavily on the export of coffee and demand isn’t slowing down. Guatemalan coffee has earned a reputation for being high-quality and is sought after by consumers all over the world.

Why We Love It

Do you know that great cup of coffee you want to drink at all hours of the day? This is it for us. It’s light enough to drink it every morning, crave it mid-day, and relax with it in the evening.


You won’t get a kick in the pants from this one, which makes it a go-to for ongoing enjoyment. It’s got that classic coffee taste—the one that keeps us coming back. Just before you take a sip, you’ll get the floral and citrus aroma that then blends with its bright acidity and sweet and full flavor.

How to Enjoy

Guatemala coffee will wake you up in the morning and keep you alert without being wired all day. We’re in love with this coffee; pair it with citrus desserts to bring out the floral and citrus notes. Try it with a savory bread such as lemon and rosemary to bring out its complexity. Don’t let this coffee hang around too long on a heat source—the delicate floral hints can be lost.

Try our Guatemalan Classic Maya Single Serve Coffee for a high-quality cup of what will soon be a staple for you. Don’t forget your filters when you check out. Our great coffee filters let the full taste of your brew come through!