Grind Types

There are so many different coffee types and coffee grind types that we naturally had to write about it! Grinding is the act of turning your fresh roasted coffee beans into a powdery-like substance that is ready to brew for maximum flavor. With so many people asking "What is the right grind type for my coffee brewer?" we felt it was about time to set the record straight and give you an in-depth explanation. Going from whole bean to superfine – here's a look at all levels of ground gourmet coffee:

Whole Bean:

Most obvious, and the one we recommend! Grinding your own whole bean coffee ensures you brew the freshest pot of coffee around. Why you ask? Simply because the moment you grind a coffee bean, the surface area expands monumentally exposing the fresh grounds to fresh air – and oxygen is the enemy of fresh coffee.

Coarse Grind/Percolator/French Press:

Looking like large grounds of sea salt, coarse coffee is ground mainly for percolators and French presses. This allows for a special brewing method where the coffee sits in hot water and is removed through a screen mesh, as opposed to being sprinkled on by the head of a conventional brewer.

Auto Drip/Flat Bottom Filter/Ekobrew® Elite:

This grind type is finer than coarse, yet still very grainy and feels like rough sand. It is perfect for flat bottom filter coffee brewers and vacuum pots. We have found the new stainless steel Ekobrew Elite to perform the best with this type of grind, although our standard All Purpose / Drip Grind is also very good.

All Purpose/Drip Grind/Keurig® My K-Cup:

For most coffee regulars who just want a good brew, this is the grind type we recommend. Sitting in the middle of the grind type spectrum, this coffee is evenly granular, more along the lines of table salt and can be used in either flat bottom or cone filters. We have also verified it to be best suited for all reusable k-cups like the My K-Cup ®, Solofill® and Ekobrew® brands used in most Keurig coffee brewers.

Fine/Cone Filter/Keurig® My K-Cup (Strong):

Extensively tested in our kitchens, fine ground coffee is a tad smoother than white sugar and perfect for cone coffee makers. It is also great for the reusable My K-Cup ® if you are looking for a stronger type brew. We do not recommend this grind type for the other reusable single serve cups as it can lead to a restricted water flow.


Espresso grind is very fine yet you should still be able to feel small coffee grains. This grind is also very important as when brewing espresso, small changes in grind type are amplified more so than any other type of brew and going too fine may even clog your portafilter.


This grind type holds the superfine title, it is completely powder-like with no grains whatsoever and is primarily used in Ibiks or Cezves.