Raspberry Flavor Shots

CAD $19.95
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Raspberry Flavor Shots are made to flavor iced teas and fountain beverages, like carbonated colas, without adding any additional sugar or artificial/natural sweeteners. We've captured the taste of fresh, farm picked raspberries in a flavor extract that will wake up your customers' senses and leave them wanting more!

Aroma: Sweet, berry and fruity.
Taste: Fresh, berry.
Ingredients: Natural and artificial flavors, water, glycerine.
All Flavor Shots contain ZERO Sugar, Artificial / Natural Sweeteners, Calories, Gluten & Allergens.


One 148 mL bottle of Flavor Shots will flavor 300 x 16 oz cups of iced tea and fountain beverages.
Try 2 pumps (shots) Raspberry in your favorite carbonated cola beverages - a great Cherry Cola alternative!
A tree will be planted with each purchase of this product.
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