Snicker Kicker Flavor Shots

CAD $19.95
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Our popular Snicker Kicker Flavor Shots are made to flavor coffee (regular, decaf, and iced), hot chocolates, cappuccinos, mochas and more! Add the taste of decadent chocolate, creamy caramel, and nutty Snicker Kicker flavor to your favorite hot beverage, all without adding any additional sugar or artificial/natural sweeteners.

Aroma: Sweet, spicy and smooth.
Taste: Cinnamon, baked goods.
Ingredients: Natural and artificial flavors, water, propylene glycol, glycerine.
All Flavor Shots contain ZERO Sugar, Artificial / Natural Sweeteners, Calories, Gluten & Allergens.
One 148 mL bottle of Flavor Shots will flavor 300 x 16 oz cups of brewed coffee (regular and decaf) and dispensed beverages.
Try adding 3 pumps (shots) of Snicker Kicker in any one of your favorite cappuccinos to make fantastic Snicker Kicker Capps!
A tree will be planted with each purchase of this product.
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